Saturday, August 15, 2009

Beetle Bugs Eye Injury

On July 20th 2009, I noticed our 10 year old female chihuahua “Beetle Bug” was walking around with her right eye closed. I examined the eye and could see some sort of injury and it was really red from infection. I immediately called our local vet. It was determined she did have an ulcer on her cornea and the eye was infected and possible a respiratory infection. I had no idea how she injured it. It is possible our old mean cat scratched her, or maybe she rolled in the yard and a stick or pine needle scratched her eye. Beetle was prescribed antibiotic pills and eye drops. From that day on, vet visits averaged every two days for rechecks of her eye. Every time the was no improvement, new medications given to try each visit. I was relentless in chasing Beetle down to give her the prescribed medications. The vet bills have already exceeded our mortgage payments. This week the vet proclaimed despite his best efforts, treatment wasn’t working. Beetle needed a specialist in ophthalmology. The problem is, the nearest veterinary eye specialist was in Carey, NC. He agreed to try and get us an appointment, warning that in the past it has taken up to three months to be seen. Beetle needed to be seen as soon as possible. Her infection was severe. He left the room and later emerged and directed me to a phone to confirm an appointment. We got an appointment for two days away. I felt very fortunate. I am so worried for Beetle. She is in so much discomfort.

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