Saturday, August 22, 2009

First Recheck in Carey Clinic

Friday, August 21, 2009

Today was the second trips to Carey for Beetle Bugs recheck of her eye. As you can imagine, Friday traffic in the city was pretty heavy. The clinic office was busy as well. There were other pooches waiting their turn with a variety of illnesses. This clinic has surgical, cancer, emergency and optometric specialist. People come from all over the state to have their canines cared for at this Clinic.

As we walked in the door, the receptionist announced that Beetle Bug was there and she would let the Dr. know right away. We didn’t even sign in. Yeah, my baby must have left a big impression to be remembered by sight. Beetle made her pitiful whining sound, demanding attention from anyone who would listen. She got very good results. Passing by staff were only too happy to kneel down and give her some loving. Spoiled rotten!

We were escorted to the waiting room and the Dr. once again examined Beetle. She had good news to report. Bug’s eye infection was clearing nicely and responding to the antibiotics. The increased red blood vessels showed that her body was trying to repair the damage to her cornea, even though it's appearance is frightening. At a later time, this may need to be treated, but for now it is a good thing. I am to continue with medications, call in a week with an update and return in a couple weeks. So, for now, Beetle appears to be on the mend and if she continues to respond she will not require surgery.

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