Monday, August 17, 2009

Local Vet Calls

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The weather has been hot and rainy this past week. Beetle and Sassy (our 4 year old Yorkie pom mix) have been doing very little except sleep. Today I wanted to take them out for a walk, but wanted to wait until the sun wasn't so strong. I didn't want Beetle's eye to be even more irritated from the sunlight.

After dinner we prepared to go for their walk. Both dogs are extremely excited. One last check for house keys and the phone rings. It was our local vet. He wanted to know what the specialist diagnosed with Beetle. It was obvious that he was disturbed that he couldn't successfully treat her himself. I filled him in on the situation and assured him that he had taken appropriate care of her. Referring Beetle to a specialist was also the best for her. He was very interested in the treatment and new medication being tried. He asked if Beetle was improving. I told him that on some occasions I am encouraged as she opens her eye and appears happy. On other occasions her eye appears terribly sore and no improvement at all. We discuss how well dogs do in the event they do have the eye surgically removed. I just want to be mentally prepared if treatment does not work. At the end of the call I agreed to let him know what transpires at Beetle's recheck on Friday.

The dogs and my husband were patiently waiting for me in the front yard. Well, patiently isn't exactly true, to their credit, they did wait for me. When Beetle saw me emerge from the house she started to prance and whine. She was so ready to go.

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